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Our Vision

To support 100,000 women in becoming successfully independent

Personal development
and financial freedom

PIPPA&JEAN is a social selling community that empowers women to lead self-determined lives. PIPPA&JEAN Style Coaches showcase jewellery, accessories and other lifestyle products at exclusive Style Partys and in their personalised Online Boutiques. PIPPA&JEAN takes care of everything else - from training, sourcing, storage, and invoicing to delivery.

It is our vision is to encourage more than 100,000 woman to become successfully independent entrepreneurs and to fulfill their dreams. In doing so, we proudly uphold our company values based on "Initiative", "Quality" and a "Do Good" attitude. 


Company Values


We believe in personal initiative, that you can create your own world where everything is possible. Only those who take their lives into their own hands can make a difference and create new opportunities. Job, career, family, children, and leisure – you can manage it just fine, if you organise your life with energy and enthusiasm. The most important aspect is understanding and knowing how to implement your potential. With PIPPA&JEAN as your partner, you will receive the utmost support and positive energy.


For PIPPA&JEAN, quality is a crucial factor. We strive for perfection and maximum efficiency in everything that we do. This applies to our jewellery as well as our teamwork, our trainings, our designs, and the support of our Style Coaches. Because only those who give their best can expect the best possible results. Responsibility, honesty, and a healthy portion of ambition are of the utmost importance for PIPPA&JEAN - we don't want to be categorised as "quite nice" but rather as "more than this is not possible!".


Not only have we made it our business to make the world pretty, but also to make it a better place. If the change doesn't start with each of us personally, how can we change the world? That is why we have the PIPPA&JEAN Do Good collection. This is a special line where the proceeds go toward supporting social projects. With this jewellery line, we want to make a statement for collective and mutual responsibility.

Gerry, CEO & Founder

After completing his studies at EBS and a short interlude at Hoechst and IBM, Gerry founded his first company at the age of 25. Within less than two years, Portum AG managed to lead the European market in online procurement with a trading volume of more than 10 billion EUR and more than 100 employees. After selling his company to IBX/Cap Gemini in 2006, he collaborated with his colleague Gustavo Garcia Brusilovsky and founded the company BuyVIP, a social shopping community. In just under four years, the company grew to over 7 million members, 310 employees and over 100 million EUR in annual turnover, before it was sold to Amazon in 2010. All of his successful business concepts inspired him to establish PIPPA&JEAN: Helping people become independent and self-empowered. Through conversations with his wife and female entrepreneurs he was aquainted with, and  through his experience in the field of eCommerce and his knowledge of direct sales, it became clear to him that the true potential of today's society lies with women. And so, within a couple of months, the idea emerged together with Annette and a number of other supporters, with the vision to offer women a platform for becoming successful and independent entrepreneurs without any risks and with the support of a strong partner. HIS MOTTO: The most important thing in life is life itself – so live it! HIS MOTIVATION: His motivation is helping people become independent and fulfilling their dreams. ANYTHING ELSE? Married, father of three wonderful children, an enthusiatic sportsman (swimming, tennis, kite boarding - if he has the time, that is...)

Annette, CEO, Creative Director & Co-Founder

What Gerald brings to the company in terms of business acumen and organisational talent, Annette complements with her female intuition, strategic creativity, and sense of style. As a Creative Director, she is responsible for the collections of PIPPA&JEAN. As Brand and Project Leader, she led large, multicultural, global teams and launched brands such as Dove in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia, where she also lived with her family. After the birth of her two daughters she found it shocking that the career of women stalls as a result of starting a family. That's why she has been behind PIPPA&JEAN with full conviction from the very beginning. She takes a particular interest in fulfilling the wishes of many women who strive for a more flexible and self-determined working style - for Annette, a healthy work-life balance is vital. HER MOTTO: Don’t start quitting. Don't quit starting. HER MOTIVATION: Her motivation is to support women and help them manage their lives - everything is possible: Family, self-determined lives, friends and leisure - we can make it! Together! ANYTHING ELSE? Married, two amazing daughters and lives in Hamburg. When she's not busy with PIPPA&JEAN, she either goes jogging with her dog, riding in the vicinity of Hamburg with her friends and simply enjoys life.

Martin, COO & Co-Founder

After studying industrial engineering at the University of Karlsruhe (TH), he started his career at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company. There, he focussed on IT and operations projects for banks and media companies. Coming from a business family, he joined his parents' company M.I.T. in 2000 – one of the leading German e-learning providers – where he held various posts: from setting up the consulting unit, to managing the takeover and integration of a competitor, and gaining the position of COO as a member of the management board. In this role, he managed the design, programming, and operation of the largest e-learning portal for students in Europe, as well as a large number of international digitalisation projects for leading German banks and automotive companies. After the company was sold, he joined PIPPA&JEAN at the very beginning. HIS MOTTO:  When the wind of change blows, some build walls while others build windmills. And besides the management and founding team, a variety of other employees also work tirelessly every day! HIS MOTIVATION: His motivation is to build a special company with excellent colleagues. ANYTHING ELSE? Married, three fun-loving children, (still) an active hockey player in the second highest league in Hessen.

Stefan Helmers, Head of Sales

For several years, Stefan held top positions in the sales division of one of the largest financial service institutions in Europe, for which he received many awards. He was head of the sales division at both a Big4 accountancy firm and business consultancies. He consulted both large and mid-size businesses in the development and implementation of acquisition strategies. Sales are his passion, and he has a distinct sense of service quality and customer orientation. Stefan has been Head of Sales at PIPPA&JEAN since 2015. A man of action who will roll up his sleeves to tackle any problem.

His Motto:If it’s gotta be done, it’s gotta be done!His MotivationTo move something!Anything Else?Married, two unique children, a Newfoundlander. Camper and motorcyclist.

Our Investors

We are supported by a fantastic group of investors:


The Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures GmbH is an independent associated company within the Vorwerk Group. Vorwerk Ventures combines the dynamic growth of young, innovative companies with financial strength and professional expertise in the field of direct selling. Vorwerk Ventures aims to noticeably extend the entrepreneurial creative scope of the associated companies within the framwork of minority shareholding and to ensure a lasting increase in value of investments through profitable growth. The company is equipped with considerable financial means to accomplish this. The management has comprehensive knowledge about the market and its competitors, international experience, and a large network – inside and outside the Vorwerk Group. Vorwerk Ventures is the ideal partner for entrepreneurs who want to realize their ambitious growth plans with a temporary equity partner and investor who thinks in the long term, without abandoning their entrepreneurial leadership.


For over 15 years, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures has been investing in companies in the internet, mobile, and digital media domain. Over the course of the years, the company has invested in over 150 companies. Today, HV Holtzbrinck Ventures is among the most successful European Venture Capital Investors and holds shares in many international internet companies, among these Zalando, Wooga, Lazada, Auctionata, Dreamlines, Flixbus/MeinFernbus, Delivery Hero, and many more.


SevenVentures is the venture arm of the ProSiebenSat.1 Group, one of the leading media houses in Europe and the biggest TV network in Germany. It bundles companies and start-ups together which have potential to grow. In addition, they receive support from the ProSiebenSat.1 Group and can also strategically work with significant companies. SevenVentures can rely on the investment of TV advertisement thanks to the creative agency SugarRay and Digital Agency Booming and their ecosystems, which allows growing companies to carry out integrated campaigns around the leading medium TV. With numerous investments in various market segments, SevenVentures is the leading media investor in Germany.

Klingel Group

Founded as a textile business by Robert Klingel in the early 20th century, the Klingel Group is to this day the second largest multi-channel order retailer in Germany. The medium-sized family business based in Pforzheim is still led by the same management and has approximately 2000 employees. The Klingel Group is represented in twelve countries throughout Europe. There are also numerous subsidiaries inland and abroad. The core business of the Klingel Group is the online and mail-order business. The Klingel Group catalogue is published four times a year and is complemented by various intermediate and specialty catalogues with diverse product ranges and target group priorities. Furthermore, the Klingel Group also has a shop in Pforzheim.

Charity - Do good

Look Good. Do Good.


Everybody deserves the chance to make their dreams come true. PIPPA&JEAN is absolutely convinced about this - but not everybody has the same opportunities. This path is very, very difficult for many women in Africa, and we want to change this to the best of our endeavours.

That is why we support the Plan International movement “Because I am a Girl”. Their project “Opening career prospects” helps women in Zimbabwe improve their professional and entrepreneurial skills which in turn enables them to make use of economic opportunities that allow them to secure their livelihood.

With every jewellery piece sold from our DO GOOD collection a part of the proceeds go to supporting this project and bringing more powerful women into this world.