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Our Jewellery

Our Jewellery


Our Jewellery Philosophy

Jewellery– as diverse as the woman wearing it.

Jewellery makes it possible for us to transform ourselves - from a Romantic into a Glamour Star, from Business Lady to Miss Extravaganza. PIPPA&JEAN jewellery will let you sparkle and become the woman you want to be.

Our jewellery is designed with loving attention to detail and carefully made by hand. We use all kinds of different materials for our jewellery: genuine precious stones, such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, amethyst, rose quarz, fluorite, aventurine, and many more. We have even discovered the precious stones sapphire, ruby and emerald for you. We are selective when it comes to our surface finish: Our favourite materials are platinum, rhodium, gold and silver. We are particularly proud of our authorised partnership with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, which allows us to add special sparkle to our jewellery pieces with their unique crystals and precious pearls. Because a high level of comfort when wearing our jewellery is important to us, we pay special attention to the workmanship, and regularly visit the select factories in which our jewellery is manufactured. At the moment, our jewellery is manufactured in Italy, Germany, and Southeast Asia.




With our tips, your favourite jewellery will sparkle for a long time to come. We have compiled some tips and tricks for you. Follow our tips, take special care of your jewellery, and enjoy years filled with unforgettable moments with your PIPPA&JEAN pieces! Please note that signs of wear in the course of time, such as scratches or small dents, are completely normal. In fact, they make your favourite jewellery piece special, and are to be worn with pride (just think of a precious wedding ring)! With our stainless steel and natural materials, such as nacre, you will be wearing one of a kind jewellery - no two are alike. Inclusions and colour deviations are completely natural, and will underline your individuality. 

This is how your favourite jewellery pieces stay sparkling: 

  • Perfume, hairspray, and body lotions may corrode precious stones, surface finishes, and decorative beads.Please put on your jewellery when you are finished washing up!
  • Prevent scratches and tarnishing by storing your jewellery pieces separately. 

  • Remove your jewellery before doing household chores, garden work, or playing sports.

  • Sea water, chlorine water, and strong ultraviolet rays are like poison for your jewellery (e.g. for decorative beads).

  • Even though it is difficult: Please remove the jewellery before going to bed.

  • Clean your jewellery regularly after wearing it. Soapy water (for jewellery without stones) and soft cloth are suitable.

  • Silver and silver-plated jewellery will tarnish over time, regardless of whether you wear it or not. You can use different cleaning agents, e.g. from Hagerty, to make your silver jewellery look as good as new! Please take note of the instructions included in the packaging of the cleaning agents.


    Gauranteed satisfaction with your favourite designer jewellery. 
    We provide a guarantee of two years from the date of purchase for all our jewellery on defects in the material or manufacture. In the unlikely event of a complaint, we are happy to replace your jewellery piece or repair it. The guarantee is deemed null and void in case of improper use, repairs carried out by third parties, negligent handling and for wear parts (e.g. leather or satin straps). If you do not fall in love with your jewellery straightaway and would prefer to exchange it, you may return it within two weeks unworn and without any signs of wear, and you will receive your money back.* Simply contact your Style Coach who will gladly advise you and take care of everything for you. 

    We wish you many unforgettable moments with your new PIPPA&JEAN jewellery! 

    * more details under Return or Guarantee